“My time with Aimee going over my human design was one of the most insightful conversations. The time we spent together was very rich with looking into some deeper themes in my life and helped me understand a lot that was going on in both the past, present, and future. Her knowledge of everything was amazing- it seems like a lot to know. I’m amazed at how she prepared for the meeting and how focused she was during our time together. She was also very through and wanted to make sure she covered everything and gave me the tools to access the reading so I can go back and revisit it as I processed everything. I also appreciated her warmth and curiosity and would highly recommend her to anyone who is considering human design or learning more about themselves.” Chris Musser - Manifesting Generator, Los Angeles California

“I had my first Human Design consultation with Aimee a week ago and am still thinking about [it]. You don’t have to understand all (or any) of the concepts behind Human Design yourself; Aimee has been studying it for years and is a master. She’s extremely insightful and her analysis was extremely thought-provoking. I came away with a deeper understanding of myself and a deeper level of self-acceptance. I didn’t realize that I had any further to go with either of those things, but much to my surprise this brought me to a new level. Aimee’s knowledge, compassion, and kind spirit made this thoroughly enjoyable as well as fascinating. I can’t recommend her highly enough!” Jean Black - Reflector, Los Angeles California

"Aimee is clear, compassionate, knowledgeable and wise, laced with a striking simplicity that communicates exactly what needs to be communicated. It was so perfectly timed receiving her messages, as her precise command of being a divine messenger allowed me hear them loud and clear. Her sessions are definitely a sort of handy manual for navigating life, as is designed for you! Aimee is very talented at delivering every element requiring consideration with a grounded practicality, yet with lighthearded positivity that makes even the most challenging nudgings from your chart feel like an adventure, which one may simply anticipate! I do not exaggerate anything in saying I am a better woman for speaking with Aimee this year—and cannot wait to experience my life flourish in a myriad ways from the application of these lessons." Maya Chukkas - Manifesting Generator, Atlanta Georgia

"I really enjoyed our session. I was very comfortable with you and what you had to say about my bodygraph. [ ] The reading inspired me to continue working with the Human Design system. [ ] I appreciate your direct approach and compassionate nature. Everything you said made a lot of sense and I was left with a feeling of optimism.” Karen Thurber - Projector, Santa Barbara California

"I have to admit that I've known Aimee for a long time. That said, I was blown away by her interpretive skill and knowledge of Human Design. I had a General [Interpretive] Reading and it was really an eye-opening experience. I went into it expecting to hear about how to utilize my strengths and to mitigate my weaknesses (or challenges). But Aimee went beyond my expectations. She was detailed in explaining the complex connections that we all have in our personal psyche, so much more than strengths and weaknesses. It was really great to have confirmation of traits that I've recognized in myself but wasn't really sure on how to best utilize them to my advantage. She also revealed how behaviors that I believed were working for me were actually working against me and thwarting my progress!  I felt that Aimee went really deep and uncovered some things that were not so obvious to me but rang so true when she brought them to light! I truly felt renewed after our meeting. I would highly recommend Aimee's services to help you understand yourself better and to make the most of your abilities whether it is towards a career, a relationship or a life purpose for which you are searching." Lola McKnight - Generator, Los Angeles California

"My human design reading with Aimee exceeded my expectations. She slowly and clearly walked me through it all, over video conference. I felt energized, lighter and with a sense of clarity afterward. I highly recommend it." - Lilian Betancourt - Generator, San Jose California

"Aimee Westcott is an experienced, thoughtful, empathetic, highly intelligent woman with natural intuition - qualities that make her an excellent interpreter of Human Design charts. [ ] I asked Aimee to do charts for my family, and am astonished at how much sense they make from a personality standpoint. Aimee provided incredibly intuitive ideas for how to channel in a positive direction, what could become a particularly challenging aspect of my young son’s personality. Aimee has gifted me with the ability to recognize these challenging aspects as part of my son’s core personality, which aids my patience with him. It helps me to understand that some of his behaviors are internal, and require guidance rather than correction. Coincidentally, I have a note card hanging on my refrigerator that reads: 'YOU CAN’T CONTROL THE WIND BUT YOU CAN ADJUST THE SAILS.' Aimee’s interpretation of my family’s Human Design charts has helped me adjust the sails of my family dynamics. I now enjoy aspects of my son’s personality that once exasperated me, and believe our home is a happier environment since having worked with Aimee. I wholehearted recommend you work with her too!" Connie Curry - Manifesting Generator, North Olmstead Ohio